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28 April 2009

Mystery solved

Well, I didn't think anybody was going to get it this week, but KellyRae sneaked in at the last minute. Yep, it's a Muscovy Duck. Ugly ain't they? Muscovies are not natives, though there are those who want them declared such. (Go figger). Admittedly, they're not quite as perturbing as some introductees, they can be a nuisance and do interfere, to some degree, with some of our native species.


Aunty Belle said...

ya know,m this species of duck can be a tad mean. I'se got first hand experience.

I need to check in heah on Mondays....youse havin' such fun.

SophieMae said...

Aint B, don't I know it! We once had a pond that was home to a small flock of muscovies and mallards. We named the biggest, ugliest muscovy Brutus. Nobody messed with that one.