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09 April 2009

Mystery revealed

The dogwood blossoms are gone, but the wisteria is still lingering, but not for long. All sorts of ants are cruising the purple variety.

The whites have mostly fizzled by now. The butterflies and bees made hay over them while the sun shined.

I've been really busy the past few weeks getting ready to list our house again... and this week preparing for a long weekend. Please forgive my skimpy posts and scant responses. I'll get back in the swing soonly. Just remember I still love y'all loads. 8-]

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^


BParrish said...

I knew it was some kind of flower, but never guessed wisteria. I think I must not be very observant of the world around me, at least the small details.

Jennifer said...

I love the beautiful blooms in the springs time...God's handiwork is everywhere. I love the pictures!

Thanks for stopping by my place yesterday and leaving a sweet comment.

Have a great day!

CHEF TROLL said...

Happy Easter! Methinks you should make the mystery pics bigger. Some of us are getting old, you know.

Floridacracker said...

So where to now?

SophieMae said...

Brenda, photography has really opened my eyes to a lot of those tiny details.

Jennifer, glad you popped in! N FL is SO beautiful this time of year. It's like coming back to life after a winter's hibernation.

Troll, I try! Sometimes I just can't get close enough. And I'm getting hard up for new ideas. 8-}

FC, heading back to Tampa. I didn't mention it before, coz it's Easter weekend and I figure everyone in my path will have plans. 8-] Hope we don't have to make too many detours. I hear the water's still rising between here and there.