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31 March 2009

Mystery solved

Ah, 'tis definitely the season. The chickadees are gathering dog fuzzies and other nesting materials. Sayre was on the right track and Jena narrowed it down.


Elizabeth said...

I love Mt. Dora,it must have been wonderful to live so close.
Yes, he was a Sweetheart. I think I'll keep him!

BParrish said...

I KNOW! Places to go, things to do and so much messy rain and roads. Some near here are closed because the water is up over them. Ya ever try taking a doggy out to pee in this kind of weather for days on end? I don't mind the umbrella thing but when the weather is accompanied by lightning, I don't particularly enjoy running around waiting on him to do his biz with me and a metal object in my hand! If you just open the back door, he runs off and has been known to get in harm's way.