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03 March 2009

Mystery solved

Good job, Cathy! The G's have it. Fresh from the farmers market.

While I was wheels-deprived, Extreme Makeover Home Edition was building a new home in Tallahassee. The reveal was last Friday, the day I finally got my car back. On Saturday afternoon, I thought I'd see if I could sneak a peek at the place. Unfortunately, the road was still blocked. Apparently, they were having a big party that night.

Just a few blocks away is one of my favourite 'snack stops'. Ali's Strawberry Shakes & Farmers Market. The pics, the last one in particular, might give you an idea why I like it. 8-]


BParrish said...

Did you read that the father from the family they built the Extreme Makeover house for died just two days after they moved in from cancer? So sad.

SophieMae said...

Brenda, I JUST read that he died early Monday. I knew he had been admitted to the hospital the day before the show came to their door. That really is sad. What an emotional rollercoaster. At least he knew his family was taken care of homewise.

The same week, a previously featured family was losing their home. Apparently, they mortgaged it to the hilt and couldn't pay up.

Graceanne Grateful said...

Yep, that is a couple in metro Atlanta, GA. News said they borrowed over $400,000 in a second morgage on it (dunno what for!)and then couldn't pay it.
Hi Sophie, I haven't been on my PC since last week.
It snowed like crazy here on Sunday; had over 3 inches in just a few hours. It was pretty but glad its gone. Will write more later.
In Jesus' love, Graceanne :)

ChrisC and JonJ said...

So sad about the homeowner.Saw Ty Pennington when they were in Tampa,and he IS a hunk!
So,it was oranges?

Aunty Belle said...

oh my goodness--yummy!

Did'ja ever git over ter the house an' seewaht they built/ remodeled?