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17 February 2009

Mystery solved

Jena guessed it... it's a bobcat. This was the best shot I got of this handsome fellow. The refuge was about to close, but I had to slam on the brakes and back up when I saw him stalking through the grass. The sun was dropping, so I had to shoot fast.

I saw another bobcat a couple weeks ago, near the same spot. This poor guy was limping across the road. I just hope it was something simple and temporary.

Many thanks to y'all for all your encouraging well-wishes and prayers. Cold, rainy days and a minor gum infection got me a bit run-down, but I'm pretty much up to snuff again now. God bless! Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^


Graceanne Grateful said...

Oh, wow, Sophie! That's a beautiful shot of the bobcat. You are blessed to have been able to get that photo.
We used to have one that lived around here in the woods (guess you have perceived by now that I live in the country) but haven't seen one in some years.
Many yrs. ago I raised some mallard ducks & when they were grown we put them out on the pond. Soon after, each night one at a time they dissapeared. Finally we took the rest of them to a friend's big lake. That night we heard a loud scream; - the bobcat cat was mad because he/she came back and its "dinner" wasn't there!
One night a few yrs. ago I came home from a art club meeting (about 10:30 P.M.)- coming down my driveway, just after I crossed the creek the bobcat ran across the drive right in front of me.
Your mystery was great!
Have a wonderful week in our Lord.
In HIS love, Graceanne :)

KellyRae said...

Wow, he really is handsome, isn't he? He looks so unconcerned, as if you're a mere inconvenience, interrupting his supper hunt. Nice job!

Floridacracker said...

Dang! Sophie, that is a sweet shot!
Hope you feel better!

SophieMae said...

GraceAnne, bobcats are a rare sight around our place. We used to see foxes all the time, but after we got a dog, not so much. Glad to hear you moved the ducks, even though MALLARD is a bad word around these parts.

KellyRae, I think he got tired of being watched and was letting me know the show was over.

FC, thanks ever so! I was pretty tickled with this one, even if it is all grainy.

Sayre said...

He looks REALLY happy! Like he's laughing at that human with one big eye...