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27 November 2008

Mystery solved

Jena called it. And KellyRae, I believe, had the right idea.

I came across this scene near the boat ramp on one of my favourite roads. At first, I thought this was a man in a boat. When I stopped to check my extremely zoomed shots, I realized I had likely stumbled into a stakeout. (Not quite sure, but I think he's wearing a flak jacket). By then, another officer had driven up and walked past me. I tried to look cool and unguiltylike as I drove back around to hopefully get a better look. The 2nd officer was nowhere to be seen. But I heard voices, so I reckoned he was staying out of sight in the shoreline vegetation. Not wanting to cramp their style, I headed back out. When I stopped to shoot some storks and ibis, the official truck whizzed by. The curiosity was intense, but I valiantly resisted and turned back toward the highway. I stopped at a little park, hoping for another angle, but the scene of the crime was around a bend. Maybe from the next boat ramp... Hmmm... lots of trucks out here... including 2 FWC trucks. And 3 very seroius-looking officers standing around writing reports and comparng notes. Discretion being the better part of valour, I didn't hang around this time. I so wanted to drive back to the original spot, but thought it might, at that point, be a bad idea.
I have no idea how long that poor guy had to stay in the cold water that cool day. Next time you run into your local LEO, be sure to give him/her a big thank you.


Aunty Belle said...

Whoa...ever hear what was happenin?

The fellas what do this must all be seasoned duck hunters, heh.

SophieMae said...

Aint B, I never heard any more about it. I should have called their local office and asked... maybe. 8-}