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27 October 2008

Perfect Blend of Friendship

Here I sit all big-headed and humbled at the same time. Miss Island Rider has honoured me with this friendship award. I've been double-blessed with this one, so some of you have already read my answers to the questions that come with this award.

1. Do you have the same friends since childhood? Just one. And I've known her, literally, my whole life. Yes, our mothers were friends, pregnant together, and we were born in the same month. We don't stay in touch as much as we'd like, but even after several years, we always pick up where we left off. There is one other that I'd give just about anything to find again. We were like Siamese twins through jr and sr high. After graduation, I moved away. We found each other a few years later, living just a few miles apart, then she got married and had some weird (and scary) dealings with her DH's ex. Suddenly, I heard no more and often think of her and wonder how she's doing. (Doris, if you're out there, contact me!!!)

2. What do you value most about your friends? Loyalty. The Bible says that if you want to HAVE a friend, you should BE a friend. I've found that too few people these days know how to BE a friend. I've known a lot of people who have made me feel HAD, but I treasure the rare few who have BEEN.

3. Are your friends your sounding boards? Rarely. I'm extremely private and introverted. Even Duller doesn't hear everything, but I'm working on being more open. Oddly, there are times I can talk to a stranger more easily. (Weird, huh?)

4. What is your favourite activity to share with your friends? Cruising the wildlife refuge(s), running the roads and spending hours in Books-a-Million. Haven't done that in a long time, though. When we were younger and looked much better in a bathing suit, (and bathing suits were a lot less revealing), we spent every possible moment on the beach. 8-}

And now to pass the award along to 5 friends (in this case, old and new). I'd love to bounce it right back to Cathy, then on to Rhoda, Aunty Belle, Patricia, Jena, and Kelly Rae. Be blessed, y'all!

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^


Robert V. Sobczak said...

Answer to number 4: A cup of coffee or tea.

Aunty Belle said...

Oh Darlin'! Thanky !! I'se real touched. I figger youse gathered up many a friend as ya travel life's roads.

an I adore browsin' the book stores--why, does ya ever git near to Micanopy? Thar's an ole book emporium thar that has a treasure trove of early Florida books--iffin' ya ever wanna meet up thar jes' send me anote and we'll rendezvous!

Patricia said...

Thank you so much, Sophie. I'm not the best at receiving awards, but this one looks like a lot of fun and I'll try to play along later today or tomorrow. You are so sweet to think of me.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, new friend, Sophie & thanks for the award! I've gotten this one & will add your name to it. I appreciate it very much. I don't usually play along with these & pass them on, so hope you understand that.

I'm playing catchup now from being at the beach...and yes, we were a little chilly at times (after dark0. It was really nice for 2 days though & quite warm. Warm enough for me to wade in the water & pick up shells!