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07 October 2008

Mystery solved

Good job, Jena! I was chasing a cloudless sulphur round and round the scarlet mornig glory when I glanced down and caught this Eastern Fence Lizard, Sceloporus undulatus, having brunch.

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Always Been Different said...

got any ideas what my ww from last week is??? its a bout 3 inches or so long and it lives in Tennessee...I even sent the picture to the Dallas zoo to see if they could tell me but nothing yet...:-(

SophieMae said...

Jeanette, I meant to comment on that the other day, but one thing and another kept getting in the way. (Life happens.) I'm pretty sure it's a lubber grasshopper, though I don't know what variety. I Googled images, but my connection is really slow so didn't find an exact match. This one is the closest so far.

SwampAngel65 said...

I was clueless, so I didn't even guess. That is a very good picture!

So how cool are the nights up there now? Ours aren't cool enough yet to turn the AC off :(

SophieMae said...

SwampAngel, it was in the upper 40's a couple nights, but it's back up now, so the AC is back in service. This is the time of year we get a few cool days, then back to the 90's, then cool, then hot again. Can't wait for continual cool. It's in the 70's tonight.