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02 October 2008

It's Name Your Car Day

Do you name your cars? I haven't come up with a name for my present ride, but the past few have all had monikers. The Subaru was RubySue. Renault Alliance, Allie Renee. Notice the trend there? DS dubbed the Ford Ranger Tonto. He always was one to go against the flow. So what should I call the Hyundai Accent? The former namings were much easier. Hmmm... Ashley Honey?

I never ride in Duller's car, so it hasn't occurred to me to name it. It's a Chevy Cobalt. Coco Shay? Coco Cheri? Yeah, I kinda like that. Any other ideas?

What do you call yours? Come on, you know you do. If you haven't actually named your car, I'll bet you've called it a few names, anyhow. ;]


cedrorum said...

Can't say I've ever done this, but I like the idea. Maybe my 88 Honda Civic DX could be called "beloved" since it gets 45 MPG.

jena said...

A Charger named Charlene... I love it. And I like the way you name your cars. My car's name is Rhonda... yep, it's a Honda. :)

SophieMae said...

Cedrorum, anything that gets that kind of mileage certainly deserves to 'be loved'. 8-]

Jena, I think DS would choose Rhonda for a Honda, as well. Love it.

Kathy C. said...

Oh yes, I had a Shiny Brand new White Cavalier that I named Nina; an old ugly Gold colored Ford Fairmont named Goldie. I haven't named anything we drive right now though, lol. :)