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13 September 2008

PhotoHunt: Wild


Patricia said...

Greetings to a fellow Floridian!

From reading your profile, I believe we have much in common.

Ocean waves can certainly be wild, which is why I prefer our Gulf Coast.

Thanks for stopping by the Creek. May you week be blessed!

Anonymous said...

Great shot. I grew up on the coast of Scotland and sometimes despise being landlocked!

TiOheM said...

Nice take. Mine is about wild section of a river.

The Social Frog said...

Very nice picture :) Have a great weekend :)

sho said...

that's a great take on the theme! wild waves!

Aunty Belle said...

We needs to be reminded, doan we? I mean that nature is powerful and thus is due respect.

Lovely photo, SophieMae.

SophieMae said...

Patricia, glad you stopped by! I also prefer the gulf, as I was born and raised next door to Clearwater Beach. This picture was actually taken on the Gulf coast, in the Big Bend, about 8 hours after Ike landed in Galveston.

Siobhán - (my favourite name!) - I can't imagine not living on the coast!

tiohem, please post a link to your pic!

socialfrog, thanks ever so!

sho, thanks for commenting.

Aint B, the little town where I snapped that pic re-learned that lesson when Dennis hit nearly 200 miles away. It lost quite a few homes that day.

Baker Watson said...

The energy of wild waves crashing on the rocks and beach can be quite impressive but a little scary when it is out of the norm as with a tropical storm.

Good shot and good choice for the theme.

(Thanks for the visit earlier and the comments)