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17 August 2008


EYE totally forgot about Florida Factoid Friday. Duller had the day off and I kept thinking it was Saturday. This has made for a weird and wacky weekend all round. In the spirit of better late than never, here's a seasonally-appropriate trivacity:

In Florida, there are 76 different species of mosquitoes from 12 different genera, approximately 30 of which occur throughout the entire state.

Have a JESUS-filled day!


SwampAngel65 said...

Oh, Oh, Oh!!!! *waving hands wildly!!* I know this one! It's mosquitos!!!!

SophieMae said...

SwampAngel, you are right! Give yourself a brownie button! And I have now included that in the text. LOL! Honestly, my brain is stuck in neutral these days. Probably coz of all the blood those skeeters are stealing. )*;*(

jena said...

ERK! That's a lot of mosquitoes! I wonder how many are in our area.

Very cool alligator eye!

Aunty Belle said...

SophieMae, Sweet Pea, what is that er, thang we's lookin at --it looks like the eye of some poor creature cwif ' a pearl eye...but what is it?

Thanky so much fer yore visit to the Front Porch. I'se enjoyed readin' backwards here at yore place. That cattle drive shinding in October looks like yee-haw fun!!

SophieMae said...

Jena, Idano exactly how many we have, but it's TOO many!

Aint B_, 'at 'ere's a gator eyeball. Reckon you never got that close to one, huh? Come on down for the cattle drive and we'll introduce ya to some bigguns. 8-}