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20 June 2008

random queries

I'm hoping some of y'all might know...

1) What cracked my mater? I was just about ready to pick it. This happened after a fairly hefty thunderstorm. Any connection?

Here's one of its neighbours. Don't think I've ever seen a mater shaped quite like that.

2) How much fat is 'low-fat'? How much is too much? Could my suddenly extremely dry skin - as in I can't stand to touch my sheets, paper towels, etc - be a result of eating too little fat? It seems to get a bit better overnight, then back to sand again by the end of the day.

3) Why do all the best shows get cancelled? (Just thought I'd throw that in while we're on a roll. 8-] )

4) I was going to ask what is the meaning of life, the universe and everything... but I already know the answer. Do you?


Steve said...

42,if I'm not mistaken.

cedrorum said...

1. Have no idea, but maybe dry conditions
2. I know in cheese it seems 2% or lower seems to be low fat. I think your skin condition could possibly be related to drier air as well. Is it drier in Florida lately? It seems we haven't had as much humidity lately up here. The rain dries up as it heads to the coast.
3. Because the network execs are clueless to what is really a good show and don't give the good ones a chance.
4. Just beginning to understand this. I think...

Floridacracker said...

I think too much water does cause that cracking.

Meems said...

1.I had some tomatoes that split a little on the top in sort of a star shape and was told it had to do with over watering. I couldn't imagine anything in Florida ever being over watered but I'm a novice so I heeded the advice to hold off on the water.
2.Well, I wish I had eaten so little fat that I could answer by experience this question. I would guess it has more to do with those nasty hormones that won't just behave as we get to be this age... Ack!
3. I have a hard time thinking any of the shows on TV are worth keeping so I kind of wish they would all cancel... I'm not much use on this one either.
4.I think I know this one to some degree... still learning.
Meems @Hoe&Shovel

SophieMae said...

Steve, yes, 42 is the answer. I had a feeling you'd be the one who knew this. 8-]

Cedrorum, our humidity has been lower than usual, as well. Duller also theorized this might be the problem. Maybe a bit of both. As we get older, there seems to be no end of subtle (and not so subtle) physical changes going on.

FC, that seems to be the consensus. Now that the rainy season, at last, seems to be kicking in, reckon I'll have to keep closer tabs on things.

Meems, glad you're back! 8-] I did wonder if the cracking might have the same cause as yours.

Re the hormones and such, it's always something, isn't it? I've been adding a bit more fat the past few days and it seems to be helping a tad. Then again, the humidity is rising a bit and I've gone through a lot of Curel, so who knows?

There are a few shows I do enjoy, but most are a total waste. Maybe the reason you can't find anything decent to watch is that they've cacelled everything worthwhile. 8-}