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24 June 2008

Mystery revealed - not Nessie

This was the first otter I'd ever seen on the Bottoms Road unit of Saint Marks NWR. He was pretty good at avoiding my camera, but extreme patience and turning myself into a contortionist eventually paid off with a few fair-to-middlin' fotos. I was amazed to see how long he was. Perhaps Nessie is really a giant otter. 8-}

Bottoms Road is a bustling nursery these days. I'm working on uploading some baby pics along with other Bottomly birds and beasts. Check back in a day or three.


Sayre said...

Otters in the NWR were such a surprise - I didn't expect them. All my life, we'd gone to see the alligators, but once we discovered the otters, they became the main attraction. Skittish little things, though!

SophieMae said...

Sayre, they really are skittish... and curious, at the same time. I'm always tickled to see gators at the refuge, but I really get excited over a bobcat or bear. It's been a while since I've walked back where the otters usually hang out. These gas prices have forced me to cut back on visits. >:\