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16 June 2008

Monday Morning Mystery

Sorry I'm late this morning. It's been one wild and crazy month - and only half over! - and I had to scramble through my files this morning to find a useable pic.

Quick updatette - Duller started a new job with the state last Monday. The twice weekly drive between here and Jax just wasn't working for him anymore. Go figger. 8-}

The glass repair people mucked up the appointment time on Friday to replace the back door. Supposed to come sometime today.

I finally scored a nice small armoire from Craigslist. Unfortunately, the same people sold us a leather love seat. (I never saw it till it got home. Remind me to NOT leave these things up to Duller.) It looked great in the pics. Duller said he almost passed it up in the first place... but he didn't. And he almost backed out when he was moving it out of their house and thought it 'smelled'... but he didn't. When he got it home, in a pouring rain, he put it in the shed, coz DS thought he saw a roach run out of it... and Duller saw 2 spiders run out. *sigh* Ten years here and no roaches in the house. I'd like to keep it that way. Memo to me: college students are pigs! (Sorry, Wilbur. No offense intended.)

We had some really nice thunderstorms this weekend. The plants were grateful, but one of my maters cracked down the side. Too much heat? Water? ???

Repair guy's here. Y'all have a JESUS-filled day!


Floridacracker said...

Not a clue.
Hope your door got fixed.

Suze said...

Looks like another bird neck - maybe an anhinga.

SwampAngel65 said...

It looks like a painting..a bird or an octopus?!?

Yeah, you have to be careful with Craigslist and freecycle...sometimes good deals, sometimes NOT!

jena said...

I think it's maybe a duck... or some other "water bird"?

SophieMae said...

FC, sorry the quality isn't better. The 18x zoom gets a LOT of use, but it's almost always a bit of a trade-off.

Suze, it is, indeed, a bird neck. Not quite as long as an anhinga's, though.

SwampAngel, distance+zoom often creates that painting look.

I'm usually very careful about used furniture, but I forgot to give Duller strict instructions to lose the 'she wants it, I get it' mind set. (Why can't he have that when it really counts?! LOL!)

Jena, waterbird is right, but not a duck. Interestingly, it doesn't have webbed feet.