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06 June 2008


With gas prices soaring, I've been trying to eke out as many miles as possible with every tankful. Just a little common sense can make an amazing difference. Normally, I can drive around 40-50 miles before the gauge drops to the FULL mark. A couple weeks ago, I experimented with some 'granny' driving. Accelerate gradually, drive the speed limit (OK, I already do that), use the brake as little as possible. When DS was with me, he seemed a bit frustrated, but held his tongue... mostly. I knew right away it was working, coz I got over 60 miles before the needle hit the F. I can usually count on getting around 280+/- miles on a tank of gas. This tank took me 350! I jumped from 29-30 to 37 MPG! A 25% improvement!

I've now discovered a website - - dedicated to improving your car's gas mileage. Mostly just common sense, of course. I certainly won't be buying the MPH meter they're hawking. (Just do the math and save big bucks.) There are just a few suggestions and they're no news to most people. But a little reminder couldn't hurt, eh? I'm sure there are dozens, maybe hundreds, of sites about MPG these days. Any chance any of them have something useful to offer?

OK, I know, I shouldn't post in the wee hours. My brain is busy planning tomorrow's activities and trying to figure how to squeeze a full night's rest into 5 hours of sleep. Maybe I'll take another crack at becoming a morning person..... NAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Sleep sweet, y'all! Have a JESUS-filled Friday!


cedrorum said...

Thanks for the website link. I drive a 1988 Honda Civic to work and am getting 45 MPG. Although, I do some serious short shifting with the stick. I'm not sure how much that helps, but it can't hurt.

jena said...

cool... anything that helps the budget these days

SophieMae said...

Cedrorum, I don't know why, but I am seriously stick-challenged. The only manual I ever could drive well was an old Corvair. I'll just continue to make extra efforts with my AT.

Jena, ain't that the truth?