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20 May 2008


DAWG! Y'all ARE good! This Sunday afternoon surprise was stretched out on the edge of the forest road. This is one fellow who's on his own out there. Normally, I'll grab a big stick and shoo a snake off the road, but there isn't a stick long enough to poke a diamondback. Oddly, though we seldom meet anyone on this road, several vehicles came through while we sat watching. Just as we were leaving, we saw a van slam on the brakes and back up. I figured that was the end of this beauty. Surprisingly, when we came back, he was gone. So, they either spared him or hauled his whole carcass off.

Not the best shooting conditions, but I've taken worse. 8-}

1 comment:

Floridacracker said...

Missed this one.
Beautiful snake though.