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15 May 2008

a rare glimpse inside

A little girl comes to visit me sometimes.
She's a shy little thing and doesn't say much.
When she does speak, there's a quiet sadness in her voice.
She wonders, sometimes, why her mommy hates her.
Did she do something horrible?
I try to reassure her, to convince her she is loveable.

Why has it fallen to me to do this?
This was her mother's job.
What kind of person makes an innocent child feel this way?

Sometimes I catch a glimpse inside her guarded heart.
She has so much love to give.
But she's afraid.
She's been betrayed and rejected by every person in her life who is supposed to love and nurture her.

Sometimes, when she forgets I'm here, she sings.
Songs about Jesus loving the little children.
She obviously loves music.
How sad that no one will encourage her gifts.
They'll wither on the vine.

But there is still the tiniest spark of 'maybe' in her eyes.
Maybe, someday, someone will just love her and take care of her.
Maybe, someday, she'll sing out loud.
Maybe, someday, she'll truly believe she is worth loving.

Why do I have to be responsible for this child's healing?
No one taught me the things I need to help her.

So I pray.
Please, God, heal this broken heart.
Give me wisdom, stength, courage to do my part.

She came again this morning.
I looked in the mirror and saw her hopeful eyes looking back at me.


Greg said...

Great poem. Inspiring and insightful.
Thanks for identifying the yellow-collared scape moth :) Have a great day!

SwampAngel65 said...

That's a very thoughtful poem. Sad, yet sweet and ...well, hopeful. Very nice. Thanks for sharing it.

Meems said...

Wow... that was powerful.Women especially have to deal with that child coming to visit. No matter what kind of life we had growing up there are issues we carry with us into adulthood don't you think?
meems @Hoe&Shovel

SophieMae said...

Thanks for stopping by, Greg. I knew that was an old query, but thought you might still be curious. 8-]

SwampAngel, thank God for hope. 8-]

Meems, if ever I think I've had rough times, I need only look around and there's sure to be someone nearby who's had worse. And I'm pretty sure every woman I've ever met that seemed to have 'the perfect life' has had some issues somewhere. I'm so glad we have a perfect future life ahead. 8-]

Susan said...

Hi, SophieMae. Thanks for sharing your private feelings. Many readers, including myself, will identify with this.

I'll never understand how parents can not love their own child. I'm sure you were adorable and very loveable. I think I was too. It makes no sense.