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22 April 2008

y'all are good!

Yep, you all got this one. Cute, ain't he? That's one good thing about living in the arctic end of Flarda... no Cuban invaders.

Anole bytes:
*equipped with moveable eyelids and external ear holes
*adults molt about every month
*feet differ from most lizards in that each toe has adhesive pads (lamellae) on its central portion, enabling the anole to climb and cling to vertical surfaces


SwampAngel65 said...

They are so cute...I can imagine what he's thinking..."Don't hate me because I'm beautiful" or something like that.

Suze said...

I love to try to catch them and pick them up when they invade our house. I then carry them outside and set them free again. They are CUTE! Like tiny dinosaurs.

Sayre said...

When I lived in Wakulla, they would have their babies under the bottom piece of siding on our house. WHen you walked outside in the morning, lots and lots of tiny heads would poke out from underneath. Absolutely endearing.