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07 February 2008

Another clue

This reminds me of the blind men trying to describe the elephant. Here's another piece of the puzzle.


I had this post all ready to go, but Steve guessed correctly before I got around to hitting the publish button. It is, indeed, an anhinga. The furry feathers fascinate me. The anhinga's feathers aren't as waterproof as many other waterbirds. This makes them less buoyant so they can dive deeper for food. Sometimes their feathers get waterlogged and they sit with their wings outstretched to dry.


rcwbiologist said...

Anhingas are one of my favorites. Great shot

Floridacracker said...

One of these tried to poke my eyes out once. As a kid , I tried to rescue one tangled in fishing line never thinking that he would see me as a predator not a savior.
I can still feel the wind of that beak brushing by my cheek.

Steve said...

Your photos of the Anhinga are fantastic, Sophie! And you are right about the elephant/blind men comparison. The bird is built from so many unexpected smaller components that the detail shots are truly puzzling. Your first photo in this posting looks more like chenille than something avian.

SwampAngel65 said...

I never, ever would have guessed an anhinga!!! All those pictures are so neat! I never knew they were that fuzzy.

So, do we get weekly puzzles now??

SophieMae said...

RCWB, thanks! They're one of my favourites, as well.

FC, YIKES! We made a point of turning away when we walked past the one on the boardwalk. And I held my breath, hoping he wouldn't take a swipe at the back of my head.

Steve, thanks ever so! I love shooting anhingas. The first pic makes me think of shag gone bad. LOL!

Swampangel, they look so much like fur, it's hard to believe they're feathers. Weekly puzzle... hmmm... I like that idea. It'll be quite a challenge to come up with pics every week.

SwampAngel65 said...

A monthly puzzle challenge would be acceptable! (hint, hint!)