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14 January 2008

What does 'shipped' mean?

Obviously, Amazon and I have very different ideas re the definition of the word shipped. Actually, it turned out to my advantage that shipping (of my camera) was scheduled for the 14th. A couple days after I ordered, I noticed the price was approximately #11 less. After a long search and a call to customer service, I ended up cancelling and re-ordering. Next morning, the price was $7-8 MORE than the original. Ain't God good?!

Anyhow, I got an email on Saturday saying it had been shipped. All weekend, and most of today, the tracking page said 'carrier notified to pick up package'. IOW, it was still sitting in their warehouse. Not exactly my idea of having been shipped. Finally, late today, it says departure scan... Jacksonville, FL. DAWG! Duller could have picked it up and brought it with him tonight! Well, if the PO doesn't lose it - they've done that more than once in the past year -it shouldn't be long now. Meanwhile, my shutter finger is getting twitchy. I'm thinking St. Marks will be my first target. Picture it, cruising the refuge, my new camera and laptop by my side, XM (my other Christmas gift) floating from the radio... doesn't get a whole lot better, eh? 8-]

And now, I'd better start checking faucets and such outside. Yes, winter is back. ..... Rats! I just checked the forecast. It's supposed to rain Wednesday and possibly Thursday! I might just have to travel a bit further than the refuge. LOL!

Love y'all loads!
Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^


Steve said...

"I'm thinking St. Marks will be my first target. Picture it, cruising the refuge, my new camera and laptop by my side, XM (my other Christmas gift) floating from the radio..."

So, now you're taunting your readers?? Any mention of St. Marks NWR induces a Homer Simpson-like stupor in a birder: [Mmmmmm...doughnuts!] [Mmmmmm...St. Marks!]

Actually, that does sound blissful, and I hope you're out there living that daydream very soon.

SophieMae said...

Sorry, Steve. Didn't mean to torture my fellow birdbrains. 8-}

I woke up to a cold, dreary, rainy morning. Not the best refuge kind of day, but if Amazon's tracking is correct, I might just be out there this afternoon, anyhow. There may be ducks.

Floridacracker said...

I hope you got your new toy. I just got a weather update and mild coastal flooding is predicted for the big bend. Could be a neat day to be out there on Thursday.
Unfortunately, I will be at work.

SophieMae said...

FC, I got it! After all these months and months and months of drought, it has to rain today. And there's a good chance it'll continue through Saturday. It's miserably cold, as well. Even the lure of a new toy couldn't drag me out in that, but I doubt I'll be able to hold out 3 more days.

rcwbiologist said...

I've noticed the "shipped" conundrum as well. I guess that means it's out of their immediate vicinity in another room waiting for UPS. Can't wait to see some picture from the new camera. I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

"Carrier Notified" just means that because you ordered with free shipping, they are "punishing" you by holding it in their warehouse for up to 3 days longer than would be normal if you actually paid for shipping. Happens all the time but you can expect delivery in about 7 business days after you order.