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20 December 2007

1000 pardons

I'm not ignoring y'all... really! I've been laid up with the worst imaginable case of food poisoning and this is the first time I've managed to drag myownself out of bed to even turn on the computer all week. I think it must have been the clams at the local franchise of the ever-popular Scarlet Crustacean. OK, not so popular with this family anymore. It was DS's birthday tradition. We all got it... mine was the worst... so no one has any desire to ever return.

Anyhow, I've scanned the 200+ emails that had collected, paid for an ebay purchase I'd forgotten and let y'all know I'm still barely alive. Now I'm taking my rumbling stomach back to bed and hope it'll all be a bad memory by this time tomorrow.

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^


Steve said...

Get better. My prayers for it.

Meems said...

oooo... the worst kind of sick AND right before Christmas. I am so sorry. I will be praying for you and the rest of your clan.

I hope it wasn't Deal's on 98- our family always has to make a stop there when up your way.

Floridacracker said...

Rest gal. We can wait until you are feeling good again.
Take care.

Cathy S. said...

I hope you are feeling better soon and by Christmas can eat more than chicken and rice soup. Praying for you.

rcwbiologist said...

I've had food poisoning twice in my life. I don't ever wish to have it again. I hope your feeling better.

SwampAngel65 said...

Aw, poor SophieMae! I sure hope you're feeling better soon. How awful to feel so rotten this close to Christmas.

Rest up and hope you have a wonderful Christmas!