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08 November 2007

Where's autumn?!

Just as we were starting to turn off the AC and enjoy a few days of nigh-perfect weather, winter blasted through. Last night, I stayd up WAY later - even by my standards - making sure things didn't freeze. I ran the dryer several times, coz it vents out by the water conditioner. Made sure a few faucets were dripping, turned on a couple extra lights outside. Finally, arond 4.30, I decided I might as well stop tilting at nature's windmill. By then, the temperature had hung around 30 out back and 25 in front for an hour or so. It dropped another 2-3 degrees before sunrise.

After we moved here, I was told we live in the coldest spot in the state. We're near the coast, but it's a large open area surrounded by forest. Apparently, that's a recipe for temperature extremes. Whatever the local forecast is, we add a few degrees in summer and subtract a few in winter. After nearly 10 years up here, my blood's still to thin for this kinda cold. I'm SO ready to move back to Pinellas County! Or Hillsborough, or even Hernando, or Citrus or.....

The good news is, I stopped at $ General yesterday for some soap and they had a rack of clothing marked 70% off. I grabbed 2 sweaters and a sweatshirt, thinking maybe one day I'd actually use them. HA! I didn't even own a coat before I moved up here.

Needless to day, I didn't get up bright and early to take pics of our winter wonderland. But I imagine it might have looked like another November morning here.

These were taken with my first (cheap) digital camera.

Through the back window:

The front deck rail


Cathy S. said...

Ooh that is cold! Did you have ice this morning, too?

SophieMae said...

Cathy, I didn't even get up to look. I curled up under my blanket with my heating pad and stayed there till it hit about 50. 8-}

lesle said...

Sophiemae, your link to the fairs, and specifically to the North Florida Fair, prompts me to pass this possible photo opportunity along to you- admission to the animal exhibition barns is open to the public and free to get in.

For example, if you look at the Fair Schedule for today, Friday, November 9, you see the Youth Dairy Goat Showmanship begins at 9 a.m. You go in Gate 1 on Paul Russell Road, here's a fairground map. The "shows", really a judging, will be in barn 10. However, once you're in, you can freely wander through all of the barns, actually through the whole fairground if you want to.

Yesterday we went to the Beef Cattle Show, took plenty of photos, and had a lovely "visit" with the wife of the Judge, and with the Judge (who looked every inch a cattle judge, bushy mustache, stetson, and all!), who are from Texas, near Houston, and who have a small ranch and herd there. He's a retired agriculture educator. They've judged in Tampa before, but have never been in this area before and liked it.

You like birds--barn 7's for you, fowl of all type and colors!

And in the back of the barns, and out back, you'll find the farm families who camp out there while they're here; usually approachable and delightful to talk to.

lesle said...

Re: North Florida Fair, I didn't think to include information about parking: at the east end of the fairgrounds, just outside the fence, is a large parking lot. Park there, and walk the short distance to Gate 1; there's a sidewalk. The parking lot is the one shown at the bottom of the Fairgrounds Layout map, below barn 10.

SophieMae said...

Thanks ever so, Lesle! The past few years, we've all complained that it just doesn't seem 'right' to go to the fair when it's so warm. Not a problem this year! There are so many things going on right now. I might try to get up there tomorrow for the goats... IF I can get everybody else to drag out early. 8-]

Floridacracker said...

Hey Sophie,
For some reason ... probably dialup and an older 'puter, the first two photos half loaded, but the frosty last one is beautiful.
I wish I could hit that NF fair that Lesle described, but Emma and I are going to the Folk Festival at SFoster.
Gaahhh ... $25 to get in!
Oh well ...
A day with your daughter ... priceless.
Have a great weekend!

Meems said...

not much of an autumn for you. a winter wonderland of ice and frost brrrrr.i hope your mockingbird found good cover on the overnight.

i know what you mean about the coat. only i have several (since i am an admitted clothes hound)that i never "get" to wear.

thanks for all the informative goodies on the state parks and other statewide happenings.

SophieMae said...

FC, $25 entrance fee! That's downright painful! But you're so right... the dad/daughter time is absolutely priceless!

Half-loading pics drive me nuts. Could've been the server I linked them from. They've been updating lately.

Meems, it's supposed to be getting warmer each day. Yesterday was practicaly hot again. We're planning on taking in the fair on Thursday, so it's sure to be summer again by then. LOL!

I did, for a while, own one of those... uuuhhh... I think they're called sherpa jackets? (I love those!) I never got to wear it, so finally gave it to a friend's daughter who was freezing in Colorado.

Susan said...

I didn't realize that it got that cold in north Florida so early. There is quite a difference from north and central parts of the state. But one thing you have there (compared to Pinellas, Hillsborough, and the others you mentioned) is beautiful, unspoiled and natural surroundings - the "Real Florida."

SophieMae said...

Susan, we have a thermometer out front and one in back. When I got up this morning, one read 30 and the other 25! BRRRR!!!!!

It really is beautiful up here, 'specially when the dogwoods are doing their thing. But St Joe is doing their best to change all that. *sigh*