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11 October 2007

Where'd this week go?

Whenever Duller has a Monday off, it kinda messes with my inner calendar. I go through the rest of the week wondering what day it is and how it got to be Thursday when it feels so much like Wednesday.

I've been trying to cut back on my joy-riding, but the weather is so nice and there are so many great things going on out there. Fall migration has flocks of birds passing through. The crotolarias and goldenrod are making our road a yellow tunnel. Buckeye caterpillars are feasting on False Foxgloves and I saw a Monarch flit through the yard this afternoon. I NEED to get down to the refuge or Mandalay soonly, since this is normally the peak of their migration for this area.

Meanwhile, there's still an abundance of Gulf Fritillaries around.

Even more exciting, for me, was the sighting of several Variegated Fritillaries. These are a rare treat and I've been known to spend way too much time chasing after one good shot.

The Butterfly-pea - AKA pigeonwings - is much easier to capture.

Unless there's a breeze. Then they just wave furiously, much as this praying mantis did this morning. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to bring the spare batteries along, so I was unable to wait for the wind to die down.

Oh, well, tomorow's another day. As the sun sets on Dickerson Bay, I'm already anticipating the wonders it will hold.

Sleep sweet, y'all.


SwampAngel65 said...

It's hard to cut back on driving the backroads when the weather is nice! You have a nice, new, fuel efficient car! That right there justifies your drives. Life is too short...see and do as much as you can every single day because you won't get that day back!

Love the praying manits pic. It has been YEARS since I've seen one up close and personal. The other night after some geocaching in the woods, my son ended up with a walking stick on his leg. It totally freaked him out. In the car. As I was driving. Not cool. He didn't know what it was at first, and I'm sad to say, he smooshed it. When we got home and could see what it was, we were both sad. Poor walking stick - wrong place, wrong time!

I hope you get out, do some exploring, and take some mroe great pics this weekend! Just remember to bring extra batteries ;)

Peggy said...

Great photos! The sunset is beautiful! Whenever I am out and about in our area and see a yellow truck I find myself thinking "Hey, I wonder if that's..." but then remember that I am now alone in my yellow-carness. But good for you to be fuel-efficient! Take advantage, keep getting out. And keep batteries in the glove compartment!

SophieMae said...

Putting batteries in bag now.....

SwampAngel, my efforts to cut back, so far, haven't been very successful. 8-}

Poor walking stick! The kid in the car freaking out coz somethng is on his leg... been there, done that! LOL!

Peggy, I'm always lookng out for your rig, as well. I really hated to part with Ol' Yeller, but it just had to be done. *sigh* I so don't stand out in the crowd anymore. Maybe I can talk Duller into a paint job... hmmm... ;)

Meems said...

i know what you mean about getting the days mixed up. :-)

if i lived in your area with the beautiful weather you are having right now, someone would have to tie me down to keep me still.

we finally got down to 70 degrees this morning with no humidity- it is such a relief. if i wasn't babysitting my 20 month old grandson for 5 days (his parents are on a long weekend break) i would be happily working in my is amazing the inspiration i get with the slightest bit of cool weather. i did stop by a nursery this morning and my little one was just as content as me to peruse the selections.maybe he has the garden bug like his mimi.:-)

love all your photos. tickled there are still so many butterflies in my garden. they are a welcome sight. saw that elusive zebra longwing again this morning... didn't have my camera... just the toddler.

SophieMae said...

Meems, you're just doing a different kind of gardening this weekend. 8-]

I wish we had more zebra visits. Reckon I need to try planting some passionvines next year. They're definitely one of my top 5 favourites.