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18 October 2007

This & that from here & there

Ever notice how the weather seems to know when you're down and out? I'm finally getting over a bad cold/flu/whatever... at that crummy breaking up stage... and it's been dreary all day. On the bright side, it's raining.

Anyhow, not much to write home about today. So I'm going back a couple weeks. Nobody was sick, the weather was great and the grasshoppers were hopping. Actually, I was trying to shoot the dew-laden funnel web, but this little guy refused to move.

One of my favourite roses was blooming like crazy. I'm pretty partial to peaches and yellows.

Early mornings are fairly foreign to me. I come alive around midnight. Occasionally, I try to readjust myself, but it's just going against nature. I have to admit, though, there are rewards when I do get up with the chickens. Like the tiny things in my yard that seem to poop out as the heat rises.

Maybe I'll give it another shot. In a few days. When the weather is nice again and I have a bit more gumption. And high tide arrives at a decent hour. And...


Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^


rcwbiologist said...

As usual, great photos.

Floridacracker said...

I'm catching up on my wife's fast connection at work.
Love these last posts, but especially, especially those little waders in the evening and the spoonbills.

I hope you feel better soon!

Meems said...

i'm sorry you are feeling badly and i heard from my son that it has rained for two days up there. tomorrow should be really pretty though.

your grasshopper is different from the ones we have that persist in eating my Amaryllis to the ground... the flower photos are very nice.

Cathy S. said...

Hope you feel better soon. Love your photos.

SophieMae said...

Thanks all y'all! Sorry I just don't have the energy to do individual comments right now. Hopefully, the worst is over now. I spent half the day shivering under the blankets and the otehr half 'barking' my throat raw. DS is just about back to normal, so I reckon I soon will be, as well. 8-}

Meems said...

i surely hope you are up and at 'em sooner than later. i've said a prayer for your quick recovery.

SophieMae said...

Thanks ever so, Meems! I had to run up to the city this afternoon and thought it was going to do me in. But after a few coughing fits, I actually started feeling a whole lot better. By now, of course, I'm getting a bit weak in the knees, so gonna turn in and hope a good night's sleep will do the trick. 8-]

Cathy S. said...

What is the last plant in your photos? The really bright yellow bloom and flat round leaves? I see it a lot when we are out riding and did not think it native. Is it? Hope you are feeling better today.

SophieMae said...

Cathy, I'm not really sure. I think it's a woodsorrel. Depending on the variety, it may or may not be native. If I can find out anything more, I'll let you know.

Getting better, thanks, slowly but surely. I've managed to get out of the house, anyhow. I'm sure the sun and fresh air are a tremendous help. 8-]