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11 September 2007

Lowry Park birds

While I was disappointed in many of my pictures from the zoo, there were a few that were at least partly presentable. Quality aside, these birds merited sharing.

This was my favourite pose of the day. He had obviously had his fill of paparazzi.

I only got one shot at these Sarus Cranes. In the rush to capture this pose, I didn't have time to adjust the settings. Oh, well...

Tomorrow, I'll try to find a decent shot of the white tiger cubs. Sleep sweet, y'all! 8-]


Meems said...

growing up not too far from Lowry Park it was a frequent weekend activity for our family-- over the years there have been many useful renovations and upgrades. it's been a couple of years since i've made a trip to the zoo taking my oldest grandson. when it gets cooler (still too hot for me) i'll be going again to introduce our youngest grandson to the animals and birds he is just learning to identify.

i really like your photos.

SophieMae said...

Meems, wouldn't it be a hoot if we had actually been there at the same time. VERY smart move waiting for cooler weather. I'll never make that mistake again.

Meems said...

sophie: the way things go in this small world it is highly possible. you are right it would be a hoot.