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24 August 2007

too hot to be outdoors, so ...

Three Little Words...

At this point in my life - mid middle age - I thought I was long past ever hearing those 'three little words' again. When I was younger and, if not beautiful, at least vivacious, I expected to hear them. And often.

During the holiday season, in particular, when dear friends and relations gather, those 'three little words' are oft repeated. While Christmas shopping, I sometimes hear fellow bargain hunters murmuring them to each other.

When I had a young child in the house, there was no doubt that I would hear them a lot - frequently followed by hugs and giggles. Now that I am mostly on my own, I was sure the phrase was forever relegated to distant memory.

So it came as quite a surprise this morning when, once again, the familiar phrase entered my life. I just stood there, not knowing what to do. Was this really happening again? Did I misunderstand? Is it a joke? The simple declaration accompanied a small gift from an old friend. As I opened the box, the words arrested my attention, moving me nearly to tears. Yes, there they were, in tiny print near the bottom, those 'three little words'...


Some Assembly Required.

(Copyright 2005-2007 by SophieMae - all rights reserved)


Steve said...

SophieMae, you have a real capacity for verbal slight-of-hand, luring the reader into assumed conclusions before catching him off-guard with a fresh, unexpected revelation. It's like what the movie "The Sixth Sense" did with everyone in the audience. Good devise, and good writing!

Floridacracker said...

Oh you got me!
Good job Sophie!

Steve said...

By the way, I see that I misspelled "device" in my previous comment.

rcwbiologist said...

Having kids at home right now I can relate to that. Although, I have to admit, I thought the 3 words were going to be something else.

SophieMae said...

Thank ya kindly, gentlemen! 8-]

Steve, I must be mellowing. I didn't even notice your slip. Your comments are mcuh appreciated. I consider it high praise coming from someone with a gift like yours. 8-]

FC, I do love 'surprise endings'. Good to know the device worked. ;]

RCWB, it used to drive me nuts doing some of those 'simple assemblies'. And now we have to assemble our furniture, as well. Oh, well, it keeps our brains in shape, I suppose. 8-}

Meems said...

that was had me going 'til the end... i couldn't imagine what those 3 little words might be.

i definitely relate to hoping i don't have to see them often. those 3 words actually effect my willingness or lack thereof to make certain purchases. cute post.