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02 April 2007

They're back!

I went over to Lake Frances again yesterday and was so happy to see that the Wood Ducks have returned! It was late in the day and the ducks were very skittish, so I wasn't able to get any good pics. This one was taken last week at Chapman Pond in Tallahassee.

There were about 25 Woodies on the Lake, along with the usual varied group of Mallards. The Mandarin Duck was nowhere to be found. Hope he didn't end up as someone's - or some thing's - supper.

DS, always ready for birding, went with me. We took the long, LONG scenic route through Quitman and Valdosta, Georgia. Once we reached Quitman, we decided to follow the signs to Berlin. From there, it's only a few more miles to Barney. Just 8-10 miles to Hahira from here. Why not? Well, as long as we've gone this far, we might as well push on to Valdosta, right? I vetoed Brunswick about that time and we turned back toward Florida. DS doubled his Lowndes County list and I doubled my list of destinations for next time. And while we were gone, Duller cleaned the kitchen! Does life get any better? 8-]


Floridacracker said...

Wow Sophie, you don't sit still much. You travel more than the Fuller Brush man.

SophieMae said...

LOL! Not as much as I'd like. I always have had itchy feet. The way gas prices keep going up, it'll be a lot less pretty soon.