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01 March 2007

TIP of the day...

Always.. ALWAYS.. take the camera along! I was only going to the Post Office. 6-7 miles up, 6-7 miles back. It's supposed to storm. No point in dragging the camera out, coz it'll be pouring by the time I get back anyhow, right? Well, not only has it still not rained, some 4 hours later, but I missed a most obliging Bald Eagle. He was scavenging a road-kilt possum. As I approached, he took off, flying very low for several seconds, then lifted up into a nearby snag to wait for another crack at that possum parfait. He was relatively low, relatively close, and the lighting was just about perfect. >8\

One would think I'd have learned by now. Yesterday, that same possum was being noshed by a Red-shouldered Hawk. I pulled in a driveway to turn around, then remembered.. no steenkin' camera. It's a very rare occasion that my camera isn't within arm's reach. It's about to become rarer.


Floridacracker said...

I have relearned that lesson about a dozen times. The last time, a herd of escaped emus had me blocked in on a dirt road and my camera was home.

Just lucky for me, Jr had left a disposeable 35mm in the glove box.

SophieMae said...

FC, ain't that always the way?! DS and I have a standing joke...
ME: 'Should I take the camera?'
DS: 'Do you want to see anything interesting?'

Anonymous said...

I can't take the camera too much, because it's perfectly easy to slit the roof of the Jeep and make off with my Nikon - or I could lug it everywhere. What's a boy to do? So - unless I'm on a real outing, I leave the camera at home.

This forced decision has sucked many times. I have missed many interesting critters and scenes, but I guess those'll just have to live on in my memory.

My favorite - the Big Cypress fox squirrel. They're not easy to come by, yet there one was, lumbering across the road in front of the Jeep. What a sight!

SophieMae said...

TF, I love fox squirrels! We call them monkey squirrels. I missed the best shot ever of one a while back.

My problem is leaving the camera in the hot truck. Lately, I've taken to making my camera bag do double duty, hauling it around like a purse. Not ideal, but good enough for gummit work. 8-]

Island Rider said...

Hey! I figured out this cabin has Internet! So, I posted Chapter 7 if you want to wander on over. This writing class is a lot harder than I thought. A real stretch, but I am enjoying it and learning lots. It snowed up here on Sunday. A real treat for this Florida girl.