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28 March 2007

Promised pics

I'm going to go ahead and TRY to post what I have here. My connection is acting wonky. Hopefully, these will get through and I'll post a few more tomorrow. Meanwhile, if y'all want to just take a look at the album I threw together... click here ... Sorry about so many 'repeats'. I usually take quite a few pics of one subject to, hopefully, make sure I get at least one good one. 8-]

Brahman and Cracker cows, just west of Perry

Osprey and stilt house, both Cedar Key

Fisherman, Cedar Key / Monk Parakeet, Anclote Gulf Park

Monk Parakeets / Brown Pelican, Anclote Gulf Park
Can you spot 2 parakeets?.........................................................

Marbled Godwits / Willet, AGP

Black Mangroves, AGP

Peacock, Baillies Bluff Road... just outside the park

Royal Terns / Black Skimmers, Green Key

Ring-billed Gull and Ruddy Turnstone / Red-wingerd Blackbird, Green Key

Mourning Dove, Green Key / Black-hooded Parakeet

Crystal Beach


Paintsmh said...

Ahh. Cows. One of my favorite subjects.

Cathy S. said...

No Cracker horses? Cool pictures. What a great way to make your trip last a little longer.

SophieMae said...

Paintsmh, come back and check out tomorrow's picture. 8-]

Cathy, I wish! I didn't see as many horses as usual this trip. That's one reason I so love going to Ocala. They're everywhere! 8-]

Floridacracker said...

Okay, I'm still trying to sort out DS and Duller.
Your pics are wonderful! Love the cracker cattle. My dream is to buy a pair down at the cracker cattle auction in Brooksville this fall.

SophieMae said...

FC, DS=dear son... so many people use DH for dear husband... I think of it as 'Duller Half'. 8-]

I wish I could have gotten closer to those cracker cows. The bull was very curious and would have walked right up to me. Well, hopefully just walked up. LOL! I hope you get your pair. I'm still hoping we'll be able to move to a place big enough for critters.

Floridacracker said...

Okay, that makes perfect sense ... no wonder it eluded me.

Anonymous said...

My dream is to have enough land for gulf-coast sheep AND cracker cattle. We'll see.

For now, the chickens keep me plenty busy enough!