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25 January 2007

I'm hooked! A few weeks ago, I discovered Mapquest's aerial view option. Well, I viewed about half the county before I stumbled across Google's satellite views! Even better! Not quite as up-to-date, but way cool! So I've spent about 80% of my puter time this week playing with Google maps. I've been able to 'travel' to all sorts of places that are inaccessible in my truck. And I've come up with a fairly long list of places I want to explore for real.

Here's the satellite view of our place. I marked the approximate boundaries. Looks huge, doesn't it?!

And here's one of my favourite wetland areas in the national forest.

There are several of these signs

posted here, but we always find big tire tracks all over the place. That's one reason we never visit on weekends. That and the obvious drunken target practice that goes on.

Still, it's a beautiful place with lots of huge cypress trees and some really beautiful oaks. And last time we were there, we discovered a nice little path through a woodsy area where we found a mixed flock of small birds. Toward the back, we spotted 2 Dark-eyed Juncos, which made my birding buddy's day.

We lingered there so long, we didn't have time to move on to the next spot. I'll try to get to that one sometime next week. I want to take lots of pictures of all my favourite spots before we move. Thank God for digital technology! 8-]


Floridacracker said...

Neat view of your place. Looks like our "neighborhood".

TropicRedbird said...

I LOVE google earth!!! Pretty easy to get hooked :D

SophieMae said...

FC, I'm so torn right about now. I want to get this place sold, but I don't want to sell it. I will definitely check out Google's satellite before buying the next one.

TIP, it is! I could sit here for hours and hours desk-chair traveling the globe. 8-]

Hurricane Teen said...

Ooooh I got hooked on Google Earth the first time I used it, too. I find a lot of my kayaking and hiking spots by searching the woods for trails and the creeks for road accesses on all the aerial maps. Besides that, I can see our trash cans at the street :-D

SophieMae said...

HT, I've been looking for new trails and such, as well. It's a bit frustrating, though, to see so many great looking lakes and no access. I followed one creek for miles and miles and miles till I could no longer see it through the dense forest. I can't see our trash cans, but I've seen some pretty interesting looking dumpsters. 8-]