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07 December 2006

Missing summer

.................................................Trichostema dichotomum
Blue Curls is a member of the mint family I was going through my photo files for this year, reminiscing about warmer weather, and came across this pic of the Blue Curls - AKA Forked Bluecurls - that popped up in my rose garden. I'd never seen one this big before. According to one source I Googled, they reach up to 3', but all our other plants are maybe 1-2' high and nowhere near as bushy. Maybe this one was just enjoying the extra elbow room.

Another favourite is the Scarlet Morning Glory that covered the stump of a large Arborvitae that the former owners planted too close to the house and to the septic tank.

Ipomoea hederifolia

Yes, I'm sick of winter already. Not that I'm wild about 100+ temps with this Flarda humidity, but my blood is just too thin for anything below 40. Duller, of course, was rubbing it in the other night when it was in the 20s here. He was over on the other coast, where it was still in the 50s. >8\ Now my heating pad and I are gonna go curl up under the blanket and dream of wading in the Gulf. Sleep sweet, y'all.

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